The Rock Career dental assistant school is committed to providing future dental professionals with the education to become highly trained, knowledgeable, and work-ready by means of hands-on classroom instruction by an expert faculty as well as clinical utilization of state-of-the-art technology, and promoting the highest level of professionalism, personal growth and real-world experience.

Enhance personal self-esteem
Enhance personal self-esteem.
The Rock Career strives to make our students successful members of the dental community.
Careers in the dental profession are always in demand.

The Rock Career strives to make our students successful members of the dental community.  Our school is committed to giving students opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills while utilizing critical thinking as an integral part of the process as well. Our program goals are the following:

  • Prepare our students to become work-ready as dental assistants and confident in their clinical and practice management skills.
  • Provide our students with open access and a supportive environment that fosters student success in and out of the classroom.
  • Prepare our students to function as integral members of the dental team while performing chairside and related office and laboratory procedures.
  • Provide our students with the interpersonal skills and necessary competencies for patient-centered care.
  • Educate our students about current technologies and give them the skills necessary to adapt to the changes in dental/orthodontic fields.
  • Provide a curriculum that will give our students the knowledge and understanding of the professional duties and standards, incorporating legal and ethical responsibilities of a Dental Assistant.


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